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Top Beaches Near Vais Luxury Villas in Zakynthos

Zakynthos is one of the most beautiful regions of the Ionian Sea and one of the most popular destinations in Greece, either for rest and relaxation on the island's enchanting beaches, or for fun and exploration. Whatever the purpose of your visit to the island of Zakynthos, Vais Luxury Villas will make your stay there unforgettable.  The blue beaches with their crystal clear waters and the tranquility of nature make the island a unique destination for a relaxing holiday that will be unforgettable. The dazzling turquoise waters that you will find on the endless beaches of the island will fill you with beautiful images and for a while you will feel like you are on an exotic island.
29 April 2024
Top Beaches Near Vais Luxury Villas in Zakynthos

The Convenience of Location

The coastline of Zakynthos resembles a painting, where natural beauty meets the harmony and charm of the Ionian Sea. The island's beaches, with their crystal clear waters, are set against the dazzling green mountain range that embraces the coast and the rich marine life, making them true jewels of the Ionian Sea. It is also worth mentioning that the waters of Zakynthos are so clear that they are an area with protected marine life, as some beaches are a refuge for various species of fish, eels and sea birds, which guests have the opportunity to get to know during their stay at Vais Luxury Villas.

The beaches in Zakynthos are countless and starting from Vais Luxury Villas you can visit them all.

Agios Nikolaos, Beach, Volimes.

The closest beach to the Vais Luxury Villas premises is that of Agios Nikolaos, also known as the Port, as it has a small harbour. From here you can take the small boats that make excursions to the Blue Caves and the Shipwreck and visit them, or you can organise a visit to nearby island of Kefalonia.

Navagio beach

 The most famous beach of Zakynthos, with its unique beauty, a huge beach and the imposing Shipwreck will truly enchant you. The access there is by boat from the port of Agios Nikolaos, which is very close to Vais Luxury Villas making your visit there even easier.

Porto Vromi Beach

 Perhaps one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, Porto Vromi will captivate you. The shoreline is covered by a unique white sand that offers a breathtaking scenery, while the huge rocks around it create a sense of seclusion that will help you relax even more. It can be accessed by road, car or bus and is located a few kilometres away from Vais Luxury Villas.

Planning Your Beach Day

But these are not the only beaches of Zakynthos. Makris Gialos, Xigia, Tsilivi, Porto Roxa and Laganas, all accessible by car, are just a few of the options you have to organize the perfect day at the beach with Vais Luxury Villas as your base. The island's beaches are perfect for enjoying a full day there, organizing a small picnic and ending up admiring the sunset.

So apart from the essentials for a day at the beach, towels, swimsuit, sunscreen, water and a book or headphones to relax, be sure to buy the traditional leavened Zakynthian bread from a bakery, which you can combine with the local olive oil cheese, making incredibly tasty sandwiches. After leaving Vais Luxury Villas, don't forget to stock up on local sweets as well: mandolata and mandoles are the ideal summer snack to enjoy on the beach, as they will fill you up with energy. You will need it, as on several beaches on the island you can try sea biking, SUP and snorkeling to explore the crystal clear waters of the area. For lunch, for sure you'll find a restaurant wherever you are for your lunch and to try local dishes such as stuffed rabbit, and definitely the local wine. In the afternoon, if you don't return to Vais Luxury Villas to enjoy another moment of relaxation by the pool, with an ice cream you can revisit the beach and watch the sun sink into the crystal clear waters and dye them red. A refreshing drink after all this will be the perfect ending to a perfect day at the beach.

Maximizing Your Stay

The Vais Luxury Villas is an oasis of absolute tranquility combined with luxury. Designed with minimal aesthetics and attention to detail, aesthetics and attention to detail, these villas offer a haven where comfort offers a haven where comfort offers a haven where comfort is uniquely linked to nature and gives a flawless effect, with access to some of the most beautiful beaches of Zakynthos. So, the charm of the island combines with the luxurious facilities of the accommodation to create the ideal setting for an unforgettable holiday full of sun, sea and relaxation at Vais Luxury Villas.


Zakynthos is ready to become the ideal destination for your holidays, as on this side of the Ionian Sea, you will see magnificent landscapes and crystal clear waters alternating with the charm of nature, creating images of absolute beauty that will relax you.

Make your reservation soon at Vais Luxury Villas, feel the comfort and luxury of the facilities and make your holidays not just unforgettable, but heavenly!

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